• philosophyCommunication. We believe communication is the key to a successful project. From the start, we listen to your ideas and thoughts and formulate a design strategy based on your needs.

    We have found that if open communication is established from the very beginning and continued throughout the project there is less chance for errors or misunderstandings and it puts you, the homeowner at ease with the assurance that your project is being managed the way it should be. 

    We also utilize an on-line Project Management Software that allows our clients to see their project schedule, all change orders and make selections 24/7.

  • Quality. At Cowdin Remodeling we stand behind our work. Our trades people are masters at their craft and our fine attention to detail sets us apart from other design-build companies. With our vast knowledge and access to resources we specify the best design and materials that will give you the highest quality for your investment.

  • Smart Design. No matter the size or budget of the project we never compromise on design. We believe a good design solution is the foundation of a successful project. We tailor the design to you, the client – based on your budget, lifestyle, needs and wishes- we put together a design that will satisfy all of these requirements. We revise and adjust as needed until we have a design that will truly exceed your expectations.