Our Process

Building is our expertise, but we understand for you, the homeowner, it can be an unfamiliar and scary territory. That is why we have put together our client-focused process to help walk you through the process and know what to expect.

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1: You’re Planning a Project. You may be uncertain about the cost, timeframe and feasibility of the project……

Contact Us!  You can either fill out our contact form or call us directly at (734)414-1500. We will take the time to speak with you about your project, answer any questions and setup your 1st appointment.

2: The Initial Appointment & No Cost Estimate.

Your Design Consultant will arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. This initial complimentary appointment is an opportunity to introduce you to our company and to get to know you, the home owner. We listen to your ideas for the space, answer additional questions and take a look at the actual space. At this point, after evaluating the space and assessing your list of needs and wants we are able to give you a realistic estimate of what your project cost will be.

3: Design Phase.

A reasonable design fee will be determined and collected to start this phase which will eventually credit directly toward the build phase of your project.  Detailed measurements and photos will be taken of your space to ensure that the designer has accurate plans to work from. At this point it will generally take 2-3 weeks to generate preliminary plans that are presentation ready.

4: Design Presentation & Detailed Estimate

The design presentation will allow you to easily visualize what your new space will look like.  With the use of our architectural software, you will be able to view 3D renderings and walk through your new space as if you were standing in it. We can make impromptu changes to the plans and 3D's to easily show you what any changes or adjustments would look like. Once we have made revisions and you are 100% happy with the "plan" we put together a detailed estimate.

A detailed estimate will include exact quantities, specific materials being proposed and all other construction-related costs. This estimate will give you an accurate idea of total cost. Once you are comfortable with all the details we move to the next phase.

5: Construction Agreement

The agreement spells out all details in regards to your project such as: project start and completion dates, payment schedule, approved specifications, allowances, total cost and all work to be completed by Cowdin Design-Build.

Once the contract is signed we will set you up an account on our on-line project management software so that you can now activate your account via email and will be able to track all of your material and product selections, your project schedule, progress and send messages all online. Your designer will walk you through the program so that you are comfortable using it. We are now ready to start the construction phase!

6: Construction Phase

Pre-construction, we walk you through what to expect day to day with construction taking place in your home. We review all of our standard protocol for our contractors to enter and leave your home and make sure you are comfortable with the arrangements.

Throughout the project you will be in regular contact with your project manager and/or designer.We will provide you with regular updates and status reports and make sure you, the homeowners, are in the communication loop.

7: Finishing Touches

We complete any checklist items that need to be addressed and do a quality check walk-through to make sure everything is up to par. Cowdin Design-Build guarantees our quality of workmanship will meet or exceed the Home Builders Residential Construction Performance Guidelines published by the National Home Builders Association. We are confident in the quality of our work and stand behind it with a 2 year warranty on all of our work.